I am...

Passionate about Design, Creativity, Strategy, Innovation, and the impact those topics have on people´s life and the industry in general. I´ve been working in the Industry of Design for about 15+ years inside companies like MUMA, Curve Id (New York) and Corona. During my time in New York, I´ve helped bringing products to life for big brands like  OXO, Colgate, Perkin Elmer, John Deere, among others.

Over the past 5 years, I´ve been leading the transformation of the Corona´s portfolio strategy and Design capabilities. I´ve consolidated a high performance multidisciplinary team of creatives, who have brought to reality a great number of products, all of them designed through a rigorous design process based on people´s needs, and the emotional connections between users and objects.

The work that I´ve led has been granted 11 International recognitions from the most prestigious International Awards such as ¨Red Dot design award¨, ¨IF designaward¨, ¨A´Design award¨ and ¨Good Design award¨.


Bornin Medellin, Colombia in 1980. 38 Years old, Married and father of a 3 year old boy.
Product Design Engineer from EAFIT University. Medellín, Colombia 2007
Certifiedin CAD/CAM systems from EAFIT University. Medellín , Colombia 2003
Attendant to a Design Thinking certification at Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá ,Col 2014
UX Foundation training. Berlin, Germany 2019


Designer at Industrias X -trasuelas de Colombia. Medellín , Col. 2003-2005
Designer at Muma. Medellín , Col. 2005-2009
Adjunct Professor at EAFIT University. Medellín , Col. 2009
Adjunct Professor at Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano ITM. Medellín, Col. 2009
Senior Designer at Curve ID. New York, USA. 2009-2014
Pan-American Design Director at Corona. Bogotá, Col. 2014 to present.
Partner at Medellín Design Week.


Speaker at Medellin Design Week 2017
Speaker at the 5th edition of the Creative Industries from El Bosque University. Bogota, Col. 2017
Speaker at the international congress of Furniture Design, +MOB Sena, Medellín, Col. 2018
Speaker at Medellin Design Week 2018
Speaker at La Feria de Diseño 2019
Speaker at Dsgn Fest Veritas. San Jose, Costa Rica. 2019
Speaker at Indiscreto 13. Pamplona, Santander.


A´Design Award Gold 2017. Como, Italy. Aluvia Faucet collection.
IF Design Award 2018. Munich, Germany. Aluvia Faucet collection.
Red Dot Design Award 2018. Essen, Germany. Liquid washbasin collection.
A´Design Award Gold 2018. Como, Italy. Cascade washbasin collection.
Good Design Award 2018. Chicago, USA. Vanquish Toilet for Mansfield Plumbing.
Good Design Award 2018. Chicago, USA. Cascade washbasin collection.
Good Design Award 2018. Chicago, USA. Liquid washbasin collection.
Good Design Award 2018. Chicago, USA. Manantial washbasin.
Red Dot Design Award 2019. Essen, Germany. Liquid Faucet and accessories collection.
A´Design Award Gold 2019. Como, Italy. Cascade Faucet and accessories collection

The work that I´ve led, has been granted11 International recognitions from the most prestigious International Awards.